As a young brain injury survivor you may feel very isolated, and have been cut off from your friends and social circle suddenly, and now have no one to talk to about your favourite programme that was on TV last night, that night out you were planning or going on that first holiday without your parents.

Headway Derby set up a Young People’s Group back in 2018. This group is designed for young people or people that feel in their youth to get together for social interaction and activities. This group is called TRIBE.

These activities take place outside the Brain Injury Hub to give young brain injury survivors the opportunity to take part in social events such as bowling, crazy golf, meals out etc that you are not usually able to do without support from family or carers. This gives you the freedom to try new things, but in a safe and protected environment with individuals who understand you and your needs.

The Young Group creates new friendships, support systems but most of all opportunities for young people that beforehand you did not have the confidence for or ability to explore.

This group is run by Emma, Charli and Ezara from the Headway Derby team.

If you are a young adult and a brain injury survivor and would like to be a part of this group, please contact us: or call 01332 347314