Headway Derby mission, vision and values

Mission Statement

“Headway Derby aims to improve the quality of life for people with a brain injury, and also the quality of life of their families and carers.”  

Headway Derby are now working with more young people than ever before


Headway Derby works with people with brain injuries during their rehabilitation pathway. We aim to identify and maximise their potential, reinforce and promote enablement and provide a support network. We are at the forefront of the re-enablement pathway of people with brain injury, helping them to regain their independence and quality of life. Headway Derby aims to educate people with brain injuries, their families and the wider community about the causes and consequences of brain injury.

Headway Derby are now working with more young people than ever before through groups like TRIBE, HWDYWalks and Inspirational Women


Headway Derby has a set of core values that flow through the organisation’s culture and behaviour. These are as follows:

1. Re-enablement: We believe that enablement is very important to quality of life. We work to remove the barriers that prevent people from taking an active part in society. We work with people with brain injuries and all stakeholders to ensure that we provide a personalised service which enables individuals to maximise their potential.

2. Honesty and integrity: We conduct our work with honesty and integrity.

3. Respect: We respect each other: everyone has a different yet important role to play in the organisation. We recognise and respect their different skills and knowledge.

4. Confidentiality: We ensure that all of our work is confidential.

5. Specialism: We are a specialist provider, working only with people affected by brain injury. We maintain an advanced level of knowledge and practice.

6. Quality: We conduct our business in a way that gains respect both from those within and outside the organisation.

7. Friends for life: After a service-user has completed their re-enablement programme, a support network exists for all people with a brain injury to remain friends-for-life.

8. We are professionals: we conduct our business in a way that gains the respect and admiration of people inside and outside of our organisation