In July we will start posting regular blogs:

In the meantime here’s a a few updates for you:

Over the summer months TRIBE and friends will be preparing for a mammoth task or climbing Mount Snowdon in Wales. Literally from sofa to Snowdon, the group will train together, plan walks and fitness activities, explore nutrition and plan the fundraising for the whole challenge. We’re doing this for a range of reasons, including to improve our younger clients understanding of health and nutrition post brain injury, to achieve something spectacular together as a group, to raise funds for Headway Derby and Sierra Leone Education and Development Trust, to raise awareness of disability and disadvantage among young people empowering them to reach beyond their grasp!

If you want to support us in any way contact emma.morris@admin

Quote from Lyn, Headway Derby’s Service Delivery Coordinator

‘this course is an amazing opportunity for people who’ve been affected by brain injury to
meet with other survivors and learn to improve their lives again through an intentionally designed
scheme of work, together and without judgement. It is such a great course and a real privilege
watching people develop from week to week. It’s takes motivation to start the course and
commitment to see it through; but the outcomes are fabulous.’

Service Delivery Coordinator, Lyn Palmer talking about the Rediscovering My Brain course in February 2022.
Adanna supporting a client to develop organisation and problem solving skills