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Spring Poem


You’re fed up of the wet winters weather 

you and your family are snuggled together 

the drops are hitting the windowpane

as you put up with another nights rain

You go to bed on a winters dreary night

and wake to find it’s springs first light

The sun is shining through the window with such power 

even though it’s only the sixth hour

The clocks have sprung forward

to daylight saving time 

let me tell you about this

through my little rhyme

It gets a bit warmer as each day goes by

I promise you this, it isn’t a lie

You will also notice eggs of a pastel shade

finding their way into a shop window so they can be displayed

There’s light green, light blue and lavender too

Which one do you think is the right one for you?

The sun is shining, the lambs are bleating 

it’s this time of year, you turn down the heating 

The grass is greener, the animals are out

You’ll see a lamb without a doubt 

There’s chicks, there’s lambs, there’s a baby bunny

when you watch them walk, it is quite funny 

Daffodils, daises, dahlia too

you might even hear a little ‘moo’

It’s not just the animals that seem to arrive,

the insects like butterflies seem to arrive 

as we reach the vernal equinox 

we see baby frogs, ducks and even a fox

As soon as you see this,

It fills you with hope,

It gives you that oomph

that you need to cope

It fills your spirit so you’re high as a cloud

It makes you want to shout ‘ I love spring’ aloud

By Alex Cooper 

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Alf, Tori Ann
Blossom, C James
Roast, C&K Gibbs
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