The Lane Gallery

Resident Poet 2022 / 23 Alex Cooper

Alex has an acquired brain and is a regular member at Headway Derby. He has a real passion for poetry and regularly writes poetry for events and The Lane Gallery. Here’s one Alex wrote in spring 2022.


There are many different maladies that can cause people pain

They can turn your sunshine into thunder and rain

They all have different levels of trauma and stress

Some have more, and some have less.

I know of an illness that can make you feel sad

And you might know a person who has it quite bad

Some people might struggle with the skill of processing a word

As they try and think, their thoughts might get all blurred.

They might also struggle with memory and physical movement too

There are many more problems but I’ll name just a few

Their thoughts might get delayed but they’ll get there in the end

They might go a bit faster, as they get on their mend.

I know of a place called Headway, Derby to be precise

Where staff are very helpful, and staff are very nice

They teach you tricks to help, at any given time

Ways to help your memory, even how to rhyme.

There’s nice activitieslike baking, where you can have a bit of fun

If you want a sandwich, they’ll make sure that it’s done

So let’s say Thank You for this oh so generous care

After all they’ve done for us, I’d say it’s only fair!

By Alex Cooper, Headway Derby Resident Poet