Headway Derby offers a range of services that are intentionally complementary by design in order to achieve the best results for each person who accesses them.

Referral criteria – Anyone can make a referral. Referrals must be for someone aged 18 or above who has an assessed acquired / traumatic brain injury. We do not provide services for any neuro degenerative conditions or those who have had a brain injury at birth.

To be referred the person must live in the following catchment areas:

  • City of Derby
  • South Derbyshire
  • Derbyshire
  • East Staffordshire

It is important that any person referred to Headway Derby is able to behave appropriately in a group setting. An assessment period will be required before a person is offered a permanent place within the service.

Persons may not be admitted if they have any pre existing psychiatric conditions unless they are engaging with the appropriate psychiatric support services.

Persons with pre-existing addiction will only be considered to the service if they are engaging with the appropriate addiction service.

Persons with behavioural problems which may be a risk to themselves or others may not be accepted to the service.

The management team have the final say for a persons acceptance to the service.

Referrals must be accompanied by at least one of the following documents about the persons injury:

  • Hospital discharge report
  • Neuropsychology assessment report
  • Therapy / Rehabilitation discharge report
  • Report from current therapist or GP
  • Social Services needs assessment


We cannot accept incomplete referrals. Please ensure that you have completed all sections including the consent to share information. Incomplete referrals or referrals without accompanying documentation will be returned to the referrer.

If you are self referring or referring someone else in a none professional capacity you do not have to have all of these details or documents providing your referral provides consent to share information. We can find out these details later.


For more information about our services, including times, fees and development pathways contact Many services are delivered in a hybrid manner to ensure regular engagement and support.

Services include:

Rediscovering My Brain – Education course (26 weeks)

Bitesize – Regular short education / lifeskills courses (circa 8 weeks)

Inspirational Women – Womens weekly peer support group and activities

MenKind – Mens weekly peer support group and activities

The Workshop – Mixed weekly peer support group and activities

TRIBE – Under thirties weekly support group and activities

Allotment Garden – Weekly outdoors group

Family Circle – Regular family support and activities

Head Outdoors – Regular walking group

Mentoring – One to one mentoring support at the clients home, centre and in the community promoting independent living, lifeskills and relationships.

If you want to know more or refer a client to Headway Derby please complete the referral form and we’ll get back to you. Before making a referral to Headway Derby, please find out who will be paying for the service. If social services will be paying for the service, you must make a referral to their access team clearly stating the cost of the service and requesting they carry out a care needs assessment. Please indicate the date of your social services referral when completing your referral to Headway Derby.

If the cost of the service is to be paid from private sources, such as from interim payments or a compensation claim, you may not be required to refer the person to social services. If this is the case please discuss this with us.

If the cost of the service is to be paid by the NHS this form must be accompanied by confirmation of funding from their Health Commissioning Services.

If you are not making this referral in a professional capacity and are referring yourself or someone in your family, we can help you with making these arrangements; please get in touch.

Headway Derby reserves the right to refuse services. If we are unable to offer you a service we will try to help signpost you to other providers.