Glossary of Terms

The language used in brain injury can be complex and confusing.

Our aim is to bridge the gap between confusing terminology and understanding what they mean in the brain injury world.

Please find below a glossary of brain injury terms that you may find useful.

This section of the website is designed to provide more information to anyone interested in brain injury.

Download below a glossary of terminology:

#Sunday School Brain Term to Learn

This involves a term that we dedicate to learning more about each week related to the brain, brain injury or a neurological condition.

This is designed to help us here at Headway Derby to learn new terminology, but also to help spread awareness to others too. We post these on our social media in order to spread awareness. We are all on a journey of learning together.

10/10/21: Amnesia

17/10/21: Aphasia

31/10/21: Proprioception

07/11/21: Hemiparesis

14/11/21: Hydrocephalus

21/11/21: Ataxia

Discovering Areas of the Brain Series

28/11/21: Occipital Lobe

If you’d like us to add some terms, or explain them in more details contact us