Family Circle

As a family member of someone with a brain injury, you may feel like you’ve been left to cope on your own, no one has explained the changes to your loved one, you have no one who understands, nobody to talk to, no real practical help, you may feel completely out of your depth; and maybe struggling!

Headway Derby recognises that offering peer support, advice and guidance and providing a safe space for family members is very important. Having somewhere to discuss your worries, hopes fears, frustration, challenges and achievements; with people who understand, is of paramount importance.

Our aim is for family members to feel they are also a part of Headway Derby and we emphasise your well being as being just as important.

We offer families:

· Opportunity to have a one to one conversation in person or on the phone

· Monthly peer mentoring support group at The Brain Injury Hub

· Advice and Guidance, Signposting

· We work with other agencies that may also be able to offer support

· The opportunity to speak to other families who have a genuine understanding of how you may be feeling

· Social Events

We encourage families to take part in our planned events like the Family Picnic and BBQ, Afternoon Tea, Summer Fair, activities at the Allotment Garden and taking part in education services like Bitesize by Headway Derby and Rediscovering My Brain.

This group is run by Lyn, Julie and Diane from the Headway Derby Team.

If you would like to join this group or find more information about it, please email or call 01332 347314