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Headway Derby’s Allotment Garden

The allotment garden is situated at Rowditch Allotments and covers five allotment plots in total. The allotment garden introduces a blend of home grown fruit and vegetables alongside a sensory garden, potting shed, composting corner, recreational area and onsite parking. To complement this we also grow a range of plants to welcome nature onto the site and ensure our clients have the best time engaging with the environment when they visit.

Ruth is our key volunteer at the allotment garden, coordinating and supporting a team of volunteers and members every week; so the site is always ready for clients to visit.

7 Good Reasons To Spend Time At The Allotment

  1. Opportunity to safely engage in exercise and physical activity.
  2. Make new friends and belong to a community of like minded people.
  3. Established routine with mixed activities throughout the year.
  4. Learn how to grow your own plants and delicious fruit and vegetables.
  5. Breath in the freshest of air and take time to enjoy nature and open spaces.
  6. Develop a knowledge of the seasons and what your garden needs at what time of year.
  7. Unplug from social media, the TV and the radio and learn to appreciate the sound of bird song again.

HEADLINE- Over the coming weeks, once our allotment volunteers have completed their mandatory training we will be holding ‘Welcome Back’ sessions by appointment – These sessions will invite individuals and small groups to wander the allotment at their own pace, talk about ideas for crops this year and explore areas that they may be interested in. They will here about the vision to launch a forest school there, where whole families affected by brain injury can enjoy the outdoors together, learn about trees and cloud and foraging, and access support at the same time.

We are now recruiting a new team of volunteers to come and enjoy the allotment during the week = possibly on a Tuesday or Wednesday. It doeasn’t matter how much experience in allotments you have, if you’re interested in learning about the outdoors, passionate about eating healthy fresh produce and want to be part of a brand new team please let us know and we’ll invite you over to have a look for yourself.